May 5, 2011

Language: A Precious Gift

Here you have some words to think over taken from English Central. I hope you enjoy them!

"Language is what makes us human. It is a precious thing, worth all our senses and more combined. We should treasure each and every one.

However, languages are disappearing and the human “ethnosphere” or may I say, “linguasphere” is eroding. Our planet is worse for this lack of linguistic diversity.

In this amazing talk, anthropologist and National Geographic spokesman, Wade Davis, passionately outlines where we need protect and nurture each and every language. A must watch!

Learning English is important but it will never “replace” your native language. It’s force, its creativity, its beauty. EnglishCentral honors that and the languages of the world. Try the quiz below and see how you do recognizing the languages of the world!"

Now you can try the QUIZZ  and test how good your knwoledge of the world's main langages is! GOOD LUCK!

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