Nov 20, 2011

The Company Men: Diet Coke

  In this scene from the movie, Company Men, Bobby (Ben Affleck) loses his temper over the discussion of his qualification during a job interview.


Willing: not refusing to do something.
Base salary: amount of money someone earns  for a job.
Qualified: having the necessary skill, experience or knowledge to do a particular job.
Skip: not do or have something.
Bonus: an extra amount of money that is given to an employee

1. Choose the correct answer: 

2. Now try your listening skills: pick the correct word from three similar-sounding options to complete the gaps in the transcript.

3. Quizz challenge: 

4. Use the words in the vocabulary section to fill in the gaps:

5. You can read the transcript now:
Joyce: Looks like you worked at GTX for 12years.
Bobby: I did. Divisional sales leader for three ofthose years. I know the times are different now and I'd be willing to accept 110, hope for bonuses.
Joyce: Well our base salary is 65 thousand a year for regional sales directors.
Bobby: I...I responded to an ad for the vicepresident of marketing.
Joyce: Well, we've had a number of highlyqualified applicants for that position.
Bobby: I'm a highly qualified applicant for that position. I'm a highly qualified applicant for that position. Excuse me, I'm sorry. I must have just had too many cups of coffee while I was sitting in your waiting room for two hours.
Bobby: Thanks for your time, Joyce. And just between the two of us, you can probably skip theDiet Cokes. They're not helping you.

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