Nov 27, 2011


  • These are the most common questions. Have a look at the structure:
Question Word + Auxiliary + Subject + Verb + Optional Object or Complement ?

Example: What did you see last Saturday evening on TV?
  • The Question Words are usually: what, where, when, who, why, which, how.
  • These are not the so common but you can find them anywhere:
Question Word + Verb + Optional Object or Complement ?

Example: "Who won the Eurovision Contest 2008?" "Russia"
  • The answer of the question is the IDENTITY of the QUESTION WORD "Who". That's why we call these questions SUBJECT QUESTIONS.
  • The Question Words can be WHO or WHAT,  because they can be the subject of the question.

  • REMEMBER: Where, when, why (etc.) can't be the subject of any question.
 Notice the difference: we don't need an auxiliary verb in the SUBJECT questions.

Subject questionObject question
¿Quién llamó a John?                                         ¿A quién llamó john?

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