Jan 15, 2012


4º ESO

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (by R. Louis Stevenson)

What can a person do when he's pulled between the good and the bad inside him? Dr. Jekyll, a scientist, uses chemistry to divide himself into two different people, the good Dr. Jekyll and the evil Mr. Hyde. The conflict between the two sides of his personality becomes more abd more violent. Which side will win?

You can read it here an listen to the story HERE
- Your task for Friday 14th of February:
 What was happening in Europe in the second half of the 19th century?(Literature, Art, Philosophy, ...) Give examples. 
-The pre-reading activities below must be handed in by Wednesday 19th of February.
-Activities for chapters 1 to 6 and three questions of your own: Wednesday 26th of February.
-Activities for chapters 7 to 11and three questions of your own: Wednesday 5th of March.
- EXAM: Monday 12th of March

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