Jan 9, 2012


2º ESO
"British Myths and Legends" by Julie Hart, Ed. Burlington Books

This book contains three stories:

- "The Pot of Gold". This story comes from Ireland. Here you can read how a shrewd elf fools Shaun O'Brian, a young, lazy man.
You must hand in the "after reading activities"  on January 30th

- "The Two Boxes". This story comes from Wales. The main characters are two sisters. One of them is nice and good but the other one is selfish and greedy.
You must hand in the "after reading activities"  on February 20th

- "George and the Dragon". St. George, the famous hero and Saint patron of England, fights an evil dragon and rescues the beautiful princess Claire.
You must hand in the "after reading activities"  on March 12th

They are a selection of myths and legends from the British Isles. They are full of magic and fantasy. Where does the clever leprechaun, a little elf-like man, hide his pot of gold? What magical things happpen to Bella and her lazy sister? Can George fight a terrible dragon and save the beautiful princess? Find out the answers and see how good always triumphs over evil in the end.


You can download the pre-reading activities here:
(Remember that you must hand them over by January 18th!!)
Activities on British Myths and Legends

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